Friday, May 6, 2011

Well on the way!

I can't get used to using this netbook and keep erasing what I have typed. Gee I should maybe have an IPAD to eliminate that annoyance. I will try again to bring you up to date.

John set the alarm for 3:15 and we were at the airport by 5:30 for my 7:00 flight to Chicago. Not too many people there at such an early hour so going through Security was a breeze. There are some benefits of having a compulsive husband. After a nine hour layover, the flight was pretty uneventful, thankfully. I did manage to sleep some which helped somewhat in adjusting to the time change. We left Chicago at 7:00 pm St. Louis time and arrived in Dublin at 8:00 whitch would have been 2:00 am St. Louis time. We picked up the car and drove to Arvagh. That sounded much too simple. Let me elaborate. We picked up the car and a GPS but with the GPS I still managed to miss several correct turns off Round Abouts and got onto a toll road by mistake. A ninety minute trip turned into more like three hours with two brief stops. One for petrol and one stop at a petrol station to pay the toll fine. Your think you have it bad with $4:00 gas. We paid 65 euros to pay to fill the tank of a very small Nisan Versa. In US dollars that comes to $97.50. Hope it gets good gas mileage.
It is about 9 am on Friday morning here and we are ready to visit Derry Lane Church ( more about that later) and then off to Belfast, I think. All is well and we are safe.